2 08 17

SANDWICH, Mass. (AP)- Police reports have it that a motorist in Massachusetts is in custody after she stepped out of her SUV, pulled off her shirt and dashed topless towards another motorist with a knife in her hand.

According to the Cape Cod Times, the other driver happened to be a police officer who was off duty. The officer then puts a call through to the Sandwich Police Department to relate the situation on the road. In a Facebook post, police claimed to have received a phone call on Saturday about a recklessly driven SUV. They said the driver made attempts to hit the vehicle of the caller but had to slow the car down because of a red traffic light.

Police disclosed that the woman stepped out of her car, took off her shirt and charged towards another vehicle, holding a knife seeming like a dagger. The 39-year-old is facing multiple charges including an assail with a dangerous weapon.


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