10 07 17

Simply because it’s Sunday, here are 16 amazing facts and fun tales about Britain’s churches and cathedrals…

Britain’s spookiest churches

There can’t be many more unsettling places of worship that the crypt at the 11th-century church of St Leonard in Hythe, Kent, which is home to more than 1,000 human skulls. One theory claims that they are the remains of “Danish pirates slain in a battle”; another that they are from “men who fell in the Battle of Hastings”.

Equally spooky are the ruins of Knowlton Church in Dorset (pictured), built within a neolithic henge monument. Knowlton was once a thriving town, but was wiped out by the Black Death, and the church is reputedly haunted. Some have reported seeing a phantom horse and rider, others a ghostly face atop the church tower.

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