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There is an ongoing debate on whether you need a Master’s degree or not. A recent study revealed those who pursued Master’s degrees in the highest-paying fields come from affluent families. Paying for the fees can be a huge setback.

One effective way to knock off some costs on your graduate degree is to consider distance learning. Try to learn more about USC’s online MPH degree and other Master’s degree courses the university offers.

Why do you need a graduate degree? Here are five reasons:

  1.    Get a salary bump

Professionals with a Master’s degree are getting higher paychecks than those who only hold a bachelor’s degree. The biggest salary bump for Master’s degree holders are in the following fields: Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering. With a salary increase ranging from $26,000 to $30,000, opportunities for graduate students are quite impressive.

  1.    Take advantage of employer reimbursement programs

If you are employed, getting a graduate degree is attainable since there are many employers who are offering financial help to employees who pursue higher education.

  1.    Meet like-minded people who might play a crucial role in your success

Getting a graduate degree is all about networking. Meeting like-minded professionals could expose you to better opportunities. In a world where knowing the right people opens doors, there’s no better place to build your connections than at the university setting.

  1.    Dig deeper into your area of interest

Getting a graduate degree is quite different from an undergraduate degree since you can explore your interests at a deeper level. This is the perfect time to pursue the areas in your field that you have always been interested in.

  1.    Perfect opportunity to change careers

Getting a master’s degree in a related field makes it easier for you to pursue your dream job because it enhances your resume. Even if you have a demanding job, you can always study online.

If you have always been interested in taking a higher position in a government agency, for instance, you can learn how you can obtain a Master’s in public administration online. Plus, your expanded network could help you get into the company or agency you want. Remember, referrals are always the best way to get hired if you change careers. This is another reason you need to put in a lot of effort in building your network.

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