10 07 17

When it comes to sorting out your summer wardrobe – or adding to it – the blouse should be top of your list. The current best-selling sort is ruffled, often to a theatrical (read: impractical) extreme: think ruffles rendering sleeves too big for your jacket, or protruding from across busts in ‘buxom barmaid’ fashion. I’m steering clear in favour of an all together subtler sort of frill: the pie-crust collar. So named because, well, it looks like the fluted edge of your best baking, these are frills without a hint of flamenco – probably for the best if you’re wearing them to nip to the shops.

The frilled collar most likely owes its existence to the starched ruffs of Elizabethan costume. Lacier Edwardian styles came back into vogue in the late 1960’s – Charlotte Rampling wore…

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